Foam coating stenter (Rail type)

Foam coating stenter (Rail type)

Heat setting reaction

By foaming, spraying or dipping process to let the chemical into the nonwoven fabrics which are initially solidified via physical process such as needle punch or spunlace. Fabric edge is fixed by pin plates and the size will be formed and stabilized by heat circulation flow. This process is by way of controlling hot air temperature, air volume, and reaction time to achieve the required physical and chemical properties.

Foam coating stenter (Rail type)

Application area

  • Needle-punched nonwoven (such as car carpet)
  • Spunlace functional process
  • Geotextile with one sided glue coating

Design range

  • Width: 1000~6,500mm
  • Speed: Maximum 150 M/min
  • Temperature: up to 260℃, suitable for different heat reaction or drying process.
  • Heating source: natural gas burner direct or indirect heating, thermal oil, steam, and electricity.

Design feature

  • Each chamber length is 3M with individual temperature and air flow control.
  • Working width is adjustable design which can be adjusted according to nonwoven features.
  • Delivery method can be designed as rail (chain) combined with conveyor belt.
  • Circulation flow adopts top and bottom blowing which provides better penetration and faster drying efficiency.
  • Oven duct adopts slit shaped nozzle which leads to even temperature and air speed.
  • Conveyor belt edge positioning device controlled by proportional servo motor can cooperate with machine speed to effectively adjust the conveyor to keep the conveyor belt running straightly to decrease the edge wastage
  • PLC+HMI control system with record function and alarm limitation design for error diagnosis.
  • Can combine with exhaust heat recovery system for energy saving.

Mangle machine

  • Maximum working width: 5,800mm
  • Speed: 30~300 M/min