RI-C01 Insulation paint

RI-C01 is a kind of special functional insulated coating made with water-based environmental friendly materials, which is an emulsion of self-cross linking acrylic resin adhesive and filled with high-tech hollow ceramic powder particles. Using the filling materials of low thermal conductivity and radiation reflectivity theory, effectively blocking the spread of heat and reduce energy loss. Because such a coating has isolated effect on air and water vapor, in addition to insulation and energy saving, the function also includes corrosion resistance. 99% of the radiation exposure on the RI-C01 surface can be reemitted or reflected. Only 1% can be absorbed. As the physical absorption is significantly lower the formation of corrosion and rust, the problem of personal safety protection, energy saving, corrosion resistance, beauty, and so on can be solved at the same time.


  • Heat exchangers of dyeing machine; ancillary equipment, pipes, and valves of steam or boiler equipment.
  • Personal safety protection.
  • The inner insulation where is prone to be corroded, such as pipe welding connected parts.
  • Irregular equipment or pipelines where is not easy to construct by traditional insulation method; for instance office pipeline.
  • Long-term applicable temperature 45~130˚C, can withstand moment temperature 200˚C.
  • Heat insulation and preservation equipment, such as tanker, container, car, train, ship, roof and etc.


  • Excellent reflectivity and emissivity of radiation characteristics can significantly reduce the increasing of radiation (UV-resistant, UV reflectance for more than 99%).
  • Low thermal conductivity, thermal conductivity (23˚C) is 0.0834 Kcal/hr.m.˚C, great thermal insulated property.
  • Great scald protection, excellent staff safety protection.
  • High adhesion and excellent bonding for various materials.
  • Moisture resistance, help to prevent the formation of corrosion and rust.
  • Simple application, save more time than other insulated construction methods.
  • Reduce or solve the condensation.
RI-C01 Insulation paint